In Focus.

When it comes to power generation asset optimization, PCI keeps your business in focus. Building on years of industry experience, PCI understands that having the correct software to quickly and efficiently analyze your energy choices is absolutely crucial to your day-to-day operations.

We work closely with energy traders and plant operators to understand the nature of your next challenge. All PCI developed software solutions are built with your needs in mind, and we are committed to anticipating those needs before you do.

As the global leader in asset optimization software for power generation and trading companies, PCI keeps your energy in focus.

In Supply.

PCI’s energy software suite is designed to increase operational profits and work seamlessly together, consolidating results.

  • GenTrader®

    Flagship Portfolio Optimization

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  • GenManager®

    Business analysis and ISO/RTO market participation

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  • GenPortal®

    Workflow automation and
    business process management

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