PCI Energy Accounting (EA) Training Course

Event Date:  July 16-19, 2018
Norman, OK


  • Meter data book
  • EA Config
  • Data interfaces
  • Auto-verification
  • Standard calculations
  • Screen config
  • ISO Comm tasks to submit data
  • Residual Load Accounts (RLA)
  • Base Datasets
  • EA Journal
  • Excel Plugin


PCI will piggy-back a Visualization training after the Energy Accounting class. The Visualization course will begin Wednesday afternoon and conclude on Thursday morning.

This class will cover and is focused on improving situational awareness for Real-Time users via configurable reports.

PCI Visualization Training supports a smaller class size so enrollment is limited. Because this class will have limited enrollment, it will not be published on the calendar. Please contact PCI if you are interested in attending this extra day of training after the Energy Accounting training.


Training sessions begin at 1 p.m. on the first day of training, and end at noon on the last day of training.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Morning   EA – Hands-On Training EA – Inadvertent Visualization Part II
  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Afternoon EA – RLA Training EA – Hands-on Training Visualization – Part I  

The class will begin on Monday with a 1/2 day targeted towards the Residual Load Account procedures. The course will cover the workflow of retrieving process inputs including Loss data from MISO and local State Estimator data, validating the MISO E1 data, and making meter adjustments as needed.

This half day is best suited for MISO Participants who are interested in learning to use Energy Accounting to ensure the accuracy and quality of the Loss data used by MISO for their settlement statements.

The second day will be introduce Energy Accounting concepts and exercises beginning with building out your Meter data book, managing your Energy Accounting system configuration and exploring the variety of reporting options available to EA users.

The second day is designed to cover a range of topics invaluable to any EA user.

Wednesday will feature a 1/2 day targeting the Inadvertent Energy process. Wednesday’s session will cover the inputs and processes to calculate and checkout Inadvertent energy at various time frames (daily, hourly, monthly).

Wednesday session is designed for those parties who calculate and track inadvertent energy, especially in regions outside of an RTO’s real-time control.

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