PCI Energy Accounting Training

Event Date:  July 16-19, 2018
Norman, OK

• Meter Setup
• Meter Data Validation
• Performing Checkouts
• Calculations
• ISO Submission
• Data Auditing
• Reporting
• MISO RLA Workflow
• Sub-hourly Workflow
• Inadvertent Workflow
• Schedule/Transmission Usage Workflow
• Excel Plugin
• Screen Configuration
• Basic EA Admin Functions


Training sessions begin at 1 p.m. on the first day of training, and end at noon on the last day of training.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Morning   EA Meter Setup, Validation, Calculations EA Workflow EA Workflow
    Lunch Lunch  
Afternoon EA Basic Admin and Screen Configuration EA Reporting and Excel Plugin EA Workflow  


The class will begin on Monday with an afternoon targeted towards power users or IT personnel maintaining the EA system. This half-day session will introduce basic admin tools such as monitoring tasks and fundamental troubleshooting and managing your Energy Accounting system configuration.

Tuesday will focus on meter setup, validating meter data, configuring calculations, and reporting. This day is beneficial for both power or IT users and business users.

Wednesday and Thursday (half-day) will cover EA workflows including counter-party checkouts, meter data submission, data auditing, MISO RLA, sub-hourly, inadvertent, and schedule/transmission usage monitoring. These sessions are aimed at business users and will include hands-on training activities. These sessions are highly interactive including discussions around how customers are using the software to accomplish workflows and opportunity to provide feedback.