PCI GenPortal provides a Service-Oriented Architecture platform that enables efficient and automated updates of input and output data from connected systems. Workflow definition and responsibilities are defined within the system to enhance productivity.

PCI GSMS Introduction
  • Intro to GenBase Data Mart
  • Intro to GenPortal
  • Client Configuration
PCI GenPortal Tasks
  • Import, Export, Action, Execute, Workflow Script Libraries
PCI GenPortal Web Interfaces
  • Navigation
  • Screen Types
  • Data Editors
GenPortal Dashboards Overview
  • Design Considerations
  • Dashboard Components
  • Grid Control Component
API Overview
  • Programming Interfaces and JavaDocs
  • GTTimestamp Overview
PCI GenPortal Features, Utilities, and Support
  • Meters
  • Data Management
  • Configurable Screens
  • Troubleshooting and Support Correspondence
  • Provide a web services-based platform including .Net and J2EE technologies
  • Web-enable and automate portfolio optimization process workflows
  • Publishing P&L and other data using full graphic dashboards
  • Export and import data in XML and CSV formats
  • Integrate enterprise applications and develop new solutions
  • Web-enable the asset optimization process workflow
  • Send alerts to communication devices and messages to email clients
  • Assign roles and security approvals for process stakeholders