Mercado Eléctrico Mayorista (MEM) Participant Solutions

PCI solutions allow you to confidently participate in the Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM) with a proven solution that is widely used across all North American ISO markets.

Today, a growing number of companies in Mexico are implementing a broad range of PCI products to capitalize on their portfolio capabilities in order to minimize costs and maximize market opportunities and profits.

PCI Clients

  • Generation companies
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Load Serving Entities
  • Energy Providers
  • Power Marketing and Trading Organizations

As in the United States and Canada, PCI has already become a trusted source of mission critical software solutions in Mexico.

PCI tools and processes bring efficiency and reliability to your operation, whether you operate inside or outside of MEM.

Whether you choose on-site installation or a hosted solution, the technology employed by PCI is enthusiastically embraced by client IT teams, making integration with your enterprise an exercise in teamwork.

Bottom-line: PCI provides practical, value-added solutions that deliver measurable results, an optimized user experience and high ROI for your enterprise.

PCI Solutions Coverage

PCI’s collective solutions platform is known as the Generation Supply Management System (GSMS) and covers a broad array of capabilities to allow full participation in the wholesale Mexican market.

  • Portfolio optimization
  • Bid and Offer Management
  • Trading & Scheduling
  • Bilateral Contract Management & eTagging
  • Settlements & Invoicing
  • System Integration & Process automation
  • Energy Accounting
  • Asset Operations (including Outage Management)
  • Gas Management
  • Post Analysis
  • Data Warehouse
  • Business Intelligence/ Data Mining (BI)

PCI Solutions

PCI solutions, whether accessed on a locally installed or hosted basis, offer maximum functionality, flexibility and usability for both business users and IT professionals.

Asset & Portfolio Optimization (PCI GenTrader®)
Conduct detailed asset and portfolio optimizations to maximize profits in the wholesale market — for time horizons from sub-hourly to 30 years out.

Front and Back Office Participation in MEM (PCI GenManager®)
GenManager® allows MEM participants to confidently perform front and back office functions, from creating generation offers and demand bids to processing and validating settlement statements from CENACE.

Deal Management
Automate and streamline trading, scheduling, tagging and settlement workflows for bilateral deals, including management of long term contracts acquired (in market auctions) and submission of bilateral financial transactions to CENACE.

System Integration & Automation (PCI GenPortal®)
GenPortal® is the primary platform and API for PCI’s entire software footprint. It allows you to automate workflows while supplying management dashboards, customized applications and other features to front and back office personnel.

Energy Accounting
Manage meter data and simplify complex business requirements around calculating, tracking and accounting for kilowatt-hours.

Asset Operations Management
Manage generation asset characteristics, outages and constraints in one common system for plant personnel as well as your marketing and trading staff. Avoid duplicate data entry and ensure that the most current and accurate information is used in market operations.

Gas Management
Forecast fuel burn by contract and power plant while modeling settling a variety of gas supply contracts.

Post Analysis
Generate Key Performance Indices (KPIs) and facilitate operational improvements by performing costing analyses of operating efficiency, energy market transactions and lost opportunities.

Data Warehouse
Integrate, manage and analyze vast amounts of market data from multiple sources and platforms. Establish dimensional databases for storage and export.

Business Intelligence
Substantially speed the analysis of large data sets to generate reports that measure progress, recognize opportunities and identify danger signs.

Market Leadership

markets map

More than 50% of the generation capacity in the U.S. is scheduled and optimized using PCI software solutions.

Whosale Market Participant (ISO)
Non Whosale Market Participant (ISO)
Location with Multiple PCI Clients
Plants Optimized Using PCI Software