NV Energy Expands PCI Software Platform to Participate in the California ISO Energy Imbalance Market

April 7, 2015 – Norman, OKNV Energy has selected PCI for their resource scheduling entity requirements in the California ISO (CAISO) Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) that extends the ISO Real-Time market to other western balancing authorities. PCI is preparing upgrades for NV Energy to participate in the CAISO EIM in 2015 and implementation of the new features has already begun. PCI’s system will fully support all NV Energy marketing and trading activities for CAISO EIM.

NV Energy is currently using the PCI Generation Supply Management System (GSMS) to optimize their generation portfolio, post-analyze market operations, and support front and back office CAISO operations. PCI and NV Energy will work together to upgrade the existing CAISO front and back office systems for the new EIM protocols and processes.

The primary systems impacted by entities joining EIM are all included in PCI GSMS:

  • The primary systems impacted by entities joining EIM are all included in PCI GSMS:
  • Resource Optimization and Balancing (PCI GenTrader®)
  • Outage Management System (PCI Asset Operations)
  • Energy Accounting (PCI Energy Accounting)

In addition, fuel management, emission management, multi-stage generators, and data/workflow enhancements will also become focus areas for entities joining EIM and are all part of PCI GSMS.

NV Energy Vice President of Resource Optimization Sheryl Torrey noted, “NV Energy is looking forward to bringing the benefits of participating in the EIM, including a reduction in costs, to our customers. Extending the PCI system furthers our efforts to optimize opportunities with our own diverse generation assets and those opportunities which become available to us through the CAISO EIM.”

The PCI CAISO EIM system is a complete bid-to-bill solution that provides benefits to EIM Entities, Transmission Service Providers, Entity Scheduling Coordinators, and Participating Resource Scheduling Coordinators. Not only will the PCI system allow participants to engage in the market but, with its embedded analytics, customers will be allowed to improve operations over time through forward-looking optimization strategies and post-analysis.

“PCI and NV Energy have worked together for several years and have completed several successful implementations. The system in place at NV Energy is designed for scalability and expansion and adding the EIM functionality will be in lock-step with NV Energy’s plans to participate in CAISO EIM,” said Jason Kram, PCI’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

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