PCI Actively Preparing Market Participants for Market Release (MR) 1.14 in Southwest Power Pool

Norman, OK – June 08, 2015 – Power Costs, Inc. (PCI) has actively and continually enhanced its software solutions based on numerous changes that have been and continue to be made to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Integrated Marketplace. After its launch in March of 2014, SPP has recently initiated a significant upgrade to its Integrated Marketplace with Project Pinnacle and is currently planning to go-live with Market Release (MR) 1.14 at the end of this month. MR 1.14 is the next evolution in the Integrated Marketplace, providing transparency to SPP’s commitment processes when mitigating resources as well as the ability to submit hourly startup times and startup costs.

Because PCI supplies software to approximately 85% of the market participants in SPP, it has dedicated significant Product Development and Client Service resources to actively supporting all of its SPP customers through the MR 1.14 market trials and upcoming implementation. This process also includes active participation and communication with SPP itself.

PCI’s system upgrades to incorporate changes from SPP MR 1.14 include:

Front Office

  • Upgrading several ISO Communication tasks to the latest version (v6) of SPP’s Web services
  • Upgrading PCI’s caching process to accommodate the new version of SPP notifications
  • Facilitating faster submission of hourly startup costs and times for Day-Ahead, Real-Time and Mitigated bids
  • Significant upgrades to several front office screens to display information related to mitigation transparency
  • Ability to save all new attributes related to mitigation transparency introduced by MR 1.14

Back Office

  • Independent shadow capability for the following charge types:
    • RUC Make-Whole Payment Amount
    • RUC Make-Whole Payment Distribution Amount
    • Real Time Out-of-Merit Amount

Market Settlement System Release (MSS) 2.4

  • MPRR206: Out-of-Merit Re-pricing
    • Adds a new billing determinant that initiates the “Real Time Out-Of-Merit Amount” calculations. PCI’s updates include changes to several billing determinants under the “Real Time Out-of-Merit Amount” charge-type calculations.
  • MPRR212: Over-Collected Losses
    • Takes the charges/credits in the “Day-Ahead Over-Collected Losses Distribution Amount” and nets them together with “Real Time Over-Collected Losses Distribution Amount”. PCI upgrades include calculation changes to relevant charge types and creation of a new charge type, “Over-Collected Losses Distribution Amount”.

About Power Costs, Inc. (PCI)
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