PCI Announces SPP Integrated Marketplace Software Solution

As the leading software and consulting service provider to the current Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Energy Imbalance Service (EIS) Market, Power Costs, Inc. (PCI) is proud to unveil its comprehensive software solutions for the new SPP Integrated Marketplace. PCI’s Integrated Marketplace Software Solution is designed to maximize operational value, streamline processes and help automate and optimize key functions in the new market that will introduce a number of new market instruments and operational complexities.

PCI has worked closely with the RTO and SPP market participants to create an easy software upgrade path from the EIS Market to the Integrated Marketplace. For years, PCI has been successful in supplying software to participants in other markets that already incorporate many aspects of the impending SPP Integrated Marketplace such as Day-Ahead Market, Transmission Congestion Rights, Reliability Unit Commitment, Real-Time Balancing and Price-Based Procurement of Operating Reserves. As a comprehensive software solutions provider, PCI offers SPP members an end-to-end platform that fully automates and optimizes critical functions including:

  • Portfolio Optimization, Analytics and Planning
  • Front Office Operations: SPP Communications, Bidding/Offering, Analytics, and Market Strategies
  • Back Office Operations: Shadow Settlement, Pre-Settlements, Energy Accounting, Transmission Settlements, ISO Settlements and Settlement Disputes
  • Profit and Loss Analysis: Identifying revenue leakages between the Day-Ahead and Real-Time Balancing Markets as well as determining profits by resources and expenses by load
  • Deal Management: Entry and management of all transactions and products in SPP’s EIS market, as well as the Integrated Marketplace including e-Tagging and OASIS reservations
  • Data Warehousing: Management and movement of large data volumes necessary to speed-up analysis and reporting using information from PCI and non-PCI sources

PCI’s SPP solution can be installed on-site or accessed from a fully hosted, secure, disaster-recovery site. Either installation method is backed by PCI’s experienced and renowned client support staff. PCI’s software architecture is engineered to integrate seamlessly with other software systems, allowing a company to economically install all — or only part of — our overall solutions suite.

PCI partners with SPP market participants such as OG&E, KCP&L, Westar, EDE and Xcel, as well as others who cite the firm’s stability, software capability and performance, market experience, financial strength, fair pricing and world-class customer support as primary reasons for doing business.

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