PCI Helps a Major U.S. Utility Assess the Impacts of Solar Photovoltaic Penetration

December 17, 2014 – Norman, OK – PCI has provided significant modeling and analytical contributions for a recent study commissioned by a large U.S. utility to assess the impact of solar photovoltaic (PV) penetration levels. The study was designed to evaluate the operational and cost impacts of integrating large amounts of solar PV generation in specific areas of the utility’s service territory. Many aspects of the system, such as generation dispatch, ancillary services, system performance, production costs, voltage support, power flow and transmission losses, were examined in the study process. The ultimate objective of the analysis is to inform resource plans, guide operational improvements, and help drive technology and infrastructure investments for a steady and smooth transition to a new energy mix that provides optimal value to customers.

PCI and three research partners were involved in studying generation as well as transmission and distribution system impacts. Each work stream was analyzed with the results and final assessment comprising the final report.

Despite the potential benefits, PV generation is intermittent in nature with limited predictability. Significant penetration of PV energy is of notable concern to the utility industry because of its potential impact on operating reliability, its ultimate integration cost to customers and how any additional costs may be allocated to different customer groups. This type of study helps utility companies make informed decisions on integrating PV generation in their long–term resource plans and rate–making.

For more information on PCI capabilities for performing solar studies, please contact Stuart Wright (swright@powercosts.com).

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