PCI Offers Comprehensive Solutions for Participation in Various Energy Imbalance Markets in WECC.

June 3, 2014 – Norman, OK – PCI is pleased to announce the addition of Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) enhancements to its Generation Supply Management System (GSMS) to support not only CAISO-EIM but also other potential market designs in WECC. For CAISO-EIM, these enhancements will provide comprehensive functionality for EIM Balancing Authorities, Transmission Service Providers and Scheduling Coordinators

EIM Entity Scheduling Coordinators and Balancing Authorities will use PCI GSMS for front and back office functionality to support calculation of balanced schedules, submission of bids/offers/unit data and outages, as well as retrieval of awards for use in shadow settlement, ISO settlement, allocations, disputes and data analytics. The volumes of data involved and required analytics will be supported by the data warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) components of PCI GSMS. Meter data management and energy accounting features of PCI GSMS will also be used by EIM Balancing Authorities.

EIM Participating Resource Scheduling Coordinators will use PCI GSMS for similar functionality as the Entity Scheduling Coordinators but the workflow will be enhanced by including PCI GSMS embedded tagging and emissions tracking functionality for streamlined deal management within EIM. An end-to-end workflow will be supported by PCI GSMS and communications between internal stakeholders will be enhanced through use of PCI GSMS dashboards and reporting functionality.

“The breadth, depth and flexibility of PCI GSMS is allowing us to deploy complete market solutions to market participants that are either entering into a new formed market or changing systems in existing markets,” said Jason Kram, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at PCI. “Because we offer a single platform for all markets and functionality to support business processes across all facets of market operations, we are able to be a single, one-stop partner for our customers. Our flexible and scalable system design allow us to develop new market designs efficiently and effectively.”

PCI offering for EIM includes:

  • PCI GenManager – front and back office market interfacing
  • PCI GenTrader – short term optimization, fuel forecasting and balance scheduling
  • PCI Deal Management – deal capture, tagging and contract settlement
  • PCI Asset Operations – outage management and plant interfacing
  • PCI Post Analysis – after-fact analytics and key performance indicators
  • PCI Data Warehouse – reporting and analytics
  • PCI Energy Accounting – meter data management and energy accounting
  • PCI GenPortal – overall workflow management, auditing and security

PCI is the leading provider of generation supply management and optimization software to energy focused companies. Founded in 1992 by Dr. Fred Lee, PCI continues to develop power industry software solutions, superior customer support and value-added services for top-tier energy customers. More than half of all power generation in the United States use PCI software solutions. PCI is a privately held company based in Norman, Oklahoma with offices in Houston, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina. To learn more about PCI, please visit Powercosts.com.

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