PCI on the Move in CAISO: Implements New Outage Management System (OMS) for Several CAISO Market Participants

March 23, 2015 – Norman, OK – Last month, PCI (Power Costs, Inc.) successfully went live at several California Independent System Operator (CAISO) clients with its upgraded Outage Management application which is one component of the overall PCI Generation Supply Management System (GSMS). PCI’s CAISO OMS supports two-way communication with the ISO and also incorporates new functionality such as:

  • Support of all 18 CAISO OMS Natures-of-Work (Ambient, PMIN, PMAX, Ramp Rate, Load, PSS/AVR, etc.)
  • Full service Bi-Directional synching.
  • Support for all 8 CAISO Resource types including MSG and Aggregate Resources
  • Support for all Market Participant types including Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) participants
  • Business process support for outage entry from plants, operations or planning
  • Full integration with PCI Market Systems and Analytical applications
  • Open API for 3rd party integration

PCI’s system is used to schedule generation outages and MW limits in CAISO, as well as manage the outage life-cycle workflow between power plants, scheduling and reliability coordinators.

Bryan Kelly, PCI Director noted, “We are proud to take the opportunity presented by this initiative to upgrade all of our CAISO and EIM market participants to an enhanced system. PCI’s new CAISO Outage Management application not only complies with the new technical specifications of the ISO, but is also a step-forward in providing rich functionality and automation for all the groups involved in managing the critical business workflows around generation events.”

PCI’s CAISO Outage Management application is one component of an overall Asset Operations suite revolving around a core OMS functionality and other modules that include:

  • Plant Interface
  • Operator Logging Journal
  • Plant Instructions System
  • GADS
  • QF Energy Scheduling

The platform as a whole is designed to streamline work processes and improve communications between plant and operations personnel, allowing them complete control in managing all asset-related workflows and reporting requirements.

About Power Costs, Inc. (PCI)
PCI is the leading provider of generation supply management and optimization software to energy focused companies. Founded in 1992 by Dr. Fred Lee, PCI continues to develop power industry software solutions, superior customer support and value-added services for top-tier energy customers. More than half of all power generation in the United States use PCI software solutions. PCI is a privately held company based in Norman, Oklahoma with offices in Houston, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina. To learn more about PCI, please visit www.powercosts.com.