North American ISO Market Participation

As more regions are moving toward establishing a centralized ISO to handle the commitment and dispatch of units, it has become imperative to have better control and understanding of the entire bid-to bill process for all North American ISO-controlled markets.

PCI GenManager® is the most comprehensive software solution available to automate and optimize all the front and back office workflows unique every market. GenManager® is able to build sets of strategies in-advance and apply them to automatically create a series of bids and offers for consideration in each ISO’s Day-Ahead (DA) and Real-Time (RT) processes. GenManager® incorporates LMPs and deep-dive analytics, while its modular, web services architecture provides unparalleled flexibility to speed responses to varying market conditions. GenManager® also easily links to any data source or third-party software systems.

PCI is the acknowledged leader in ISO Bid-to-Bill software solutions for participants in all U.S., Canadian and Mexican energy markets including:

  • AESO (Alberta Electric System Operator)
  • IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator – Ontario)
  • ISO New England
  • MEM – Mexico
  • MISO
  • New York ISO
  • PJM Interconnection
  • Southwest Power Pool


GenManager®‘s extensive, mission critical capabilities offer numerous benefits to your enterprise, including:

  • On-premise or hosted deployment option
  • Full automation and optimization of all Front and Back Office processes
  • Substantially increase speed of portfolio creation, bid/offer submission, trading, analysis of results and reactions to market and operational changes
  • Creation of easy-to-use, reusable, strategies that facilitate fast submission of bidding positions to the ISO
  • Customized user interfaces (based on job function) that reflect the terminology and workflows specific to each individual ISO
  • Pre-settlements and shadow validation of ISO settlement statements and invoices
  • Settlement for ISO and non-ISO participants
  • Identification of ISO settlement discrepancies, dispute submission, tracking and resolution
  • Highly flexible architecture that is easily tailored to the unique aspects of each market
  • Full support for data export as well as copy/paste functionality with other applications (e.g., Microsoft Excel)