MEM – Mexico Solutions

As in the United States and Canada, PCI has already become a trusted source of mission critical software solutions in Mexico.

Today, a growing number of Mexican companies are implementing a broad range of PCI products to capitalize on their portfolio capabilities, minimize costs and maximize new market opportunities and profits. PCI allows them to confidently participate in the Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM) with proven solutions that are widely used throughout all other North American ISO markets.

PCI MEM Clients

  • Generation companies
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Load Serving Entities
  • Energy Providers
  • Power Marketing and Trading Organizations

PCI tools and processes bring efficiency and reliability to your operation. Whether you operate inside or outside of MEM, PCI allows you to achieve measurable results, an optimized user experience and high ROI for your enterprise.

PCI MEM Solutions

PCI Solutions covers a broad array of capabilities to allow full participation in the wholesale Mexican market.

  • Portfolio optimization
  • Post Analysis
  • Bid and Offer Management
  • Trading & Scheduling
  • Bilateral Contract Management & eTagging
  • Settlements & Invoicing
  • System Integration & Process Automation
  • Energy Accounting
  • Asset Operations (including Outage Management)
  • Gas Management
  • Data Warehouse
  • Business Intelligence/ Data Mining (BI)

Whether you choose on-site installation or a hosted solution, the technology employed by PCI is enthusiastically embraced by client IT teams, making integration with your enterprise an exercise in teamwork.