PCI (Power Costs, Inc.) was established with Dr. Fred Lee’s development of a revolutionary new generating asset optimization engine that steadily morphed into what has became the industry-leading GenTrader® optimization and planning system. Today, almost 30-years later, more than half the generation in the United States is optimized with GenTrader® and, PCI has gone on to be the preeminent provider of an exponentially more comprehensive mission critical software platform, renowned customer support and value-added services to energy companies worldwide. 

Our exceedingly talented staff of more than 250 dedicated, energetic people conduct a collective and focused effort to help our clients capitalize on every opportunity, maximize their portfolio capabilities and continually increase their profits.

THE Platform

Over almost three decades, PCI has grown organically with the steady increase in demand by energy companies for faster, more powerful, multi-functional enterprise-level software solutions.  The evolution in ISO/RTO markets, as well as the quickening pace of technological change have been driving forces behind the migration toward a single, open, secure, and increasingly cloud hosted platform capable of automating and streamlining every aspect of front, mid, and back office operations.  We call this the PCI Platform.

clients = partners

At PCI, we know that our achievements as a company would not be possible with our clients, who we continually engage with in a cycle of interaction and feedback that has always been foundational to delivering the greatest return-on-investment (ROI).

Our client partners come from every segment of the wholesale energy supply spectrum and include domestic public power and cooperative entities to some of the largest, integrated energy enterprises throughout North America and overseas.  PCI serves:

  • Investor Owned Utilities
  • Federal Power Marketing Administrations
  • Public Power Utilities
  • Generation & Transmission Cooperatives
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Energy Marketers & Traders

why pci?

  • Established, highly trusted vendor with deep expertise from professionals in energy operations, markets, software development and project management.
  • One platform supports your entire organization. This reduces the costs of maintaining multiple systems and enhances team communication. 
  • diverse client base offers PCI a 360° perspective of any enterprise requirements with an ability to translate those into a tailored solution and focused, achievable implementation plan. 
  • Experienced market experts provide thought and product development leadership to ensure that the PCI Platform is updated to incorporate all ISO/RTO market rule and policy changes.
  • Choose your deployment preference; secure cloud hosting or locally installed options are available for any application.
  • Broad enterprise-level functionality with full customization for even the most complex applications.
  • “Out of the box” solutions for meeting basic needs with an ability to easily scale up.
  • Integration with any third party or homegrown (legacy) systems.
  • Extensive workflow automation capabilities streamline operations.
  • Business analytics and reporting foster more effective feedback and decision-making to quickly adjust when market conditions change. 
  • Complete software product training to minimize learning curves and maximize adoption.
  • Standard and 24/7 client service options available to meet any support need.