About PCI

Since our founding in 1992, Power Costs, Inc. (PCI) has grown to be the premier, one-stop provider of essential software solutions for energy supply, trading and marketing organizations. Our staff or more than 250 people builds and delivers world-class solutions that IT and business users can quickly deploy to:

 1.)  Automate and streamline operations;
 2.)  Seize every potential market opportunity;
 3.)  Minimize costs;
 4.)  Maximize profits 

PCI clients include small to mid-sized organizations, as well as Fortune 500 companies, and span all energy supply sectors:

  • Investor owned utility
  • Municipal and cooperative utility
  • Independent power producer
  • Trading and marketing

Separating PCI from the pack is our detailed knowledge of every customer’s requirements – whether they operate inside or outside of an ISO/RTO market(s).  Along with our clients, we constantly assess the evolution of markets and the energy industry at-large to understand trends and changes so that, as partners, we can anticipate enterprise impacts.  This cycle of interaction is absolutely critical to optimizing the value and functionally of PCI’s software and by extension, customer ROI.