PCI Application Administration

Event Date:  SEPTEMBER 9-10, 2020

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Chris Lewis

DESCRIPTION:  This course provides a thorough overview of GenPortal  with an emphasis on tasks (e.g., ISO communications tasks, etc.).  Object lists and SOVs will also be covered in-depth.

EXPECTATIONS:  Training will be offered in traditional classroom setting with lecture, class discussions, and hands-on exercises.  A secure laptop will be provided for each attendee.

TIMES:  Class will start each day at 9:00 AM and end at 5:00 PM (CT) 


  • GenPortal Common Tasks
  • Execute
  • Import and Export
  • Action
  • Study
  • Script Libraries
  • GenPortal Configurations and Contexts
  • ISO Communication Dashboards
  • Object List and LOV main dashboards
  • DPM grids
  • Reporting tool
  • Security and alarms