PCI Energy Accounting

Event Date:  SEPTEMBER 14-17, 2020

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Julie Rogers

AUDIENCE:  Power users or IT personnel maintaining the EA system
1.)  Front office (trading, scheduling)
2.)  Middle office – credit monitoring, portfolio analysis, treasury workflows)
3.)  Back office (settlements, billing/invoicing)

EXPECTATIONS:  Training will be offered in traditional classroom setting with lecture, class discussions, and hands-on exercises.  A secure laptop will be provided for each attendee.

TIMES (Central Time Zone)

  • September 14 (12:00 – 5:00 PM)
  • September 15/16 (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
  • September 17 (9:00 AM – Noon)


September 14 (afternoon only)
Audience/Description:  Power users or IT personnel maintaining PCI Energy Accounting.  This half-day session will introduce basic administration tools such as:

  • Monitoring tasks
  • Fundamental troubleshooting
  • Managing Energy Accounting system configuration

September 15 (full-day)
Audience/DescriptionIT personnel and business users will focus on:

  • Meter set-up
  • Validating meter data
  • Configuring calculations
  • Reporting

September 16 (full-day) & September 17 (half-day ending at Noon)

Audience/DescriptionHands-on training for business users will focus on Energy Accounting workflows including:

  • Counter-party checkouts
  • Meter data submission
  • Data auditing
  • Sub-hourly, inadvertent and schedule/transmission usage monitoring