GenPortal IT Analyst Training

Event Date:  October 8-10 2019

AUDIENCE:  IT Analysts

DESCRIPTION: This course includes an overview of the PCI GenPortal system for IT Analysts.  Among many topical areas, attendees will learn how to:

  1. Use the Eclipse SDK
  2. Work with SVN projects
  3. Tasks
  4. ISO Communications

Attendees will walk-through configuration of workflow related screens including, working with Object Lists, DPM, VIS layout and the Main Dashboard.  Also covered will be report building within GSMS using:

  • GenPortal reporting tool
  • GenPortal Pivot Reports
  • GenPortal Datasets, ETLs and Datamart. 

Instructors will also teach troubleshooting techniques to understand task automation (import tasks, export tasks, actions tasks, best practices).