GenPortal for IT Analysts

Event Date:  OCTOBER 6-8, 2020 (all seats to this class are sold out)

INSTRUCTOR:  Michael Thompson

AUDIENCE:  IT Analysts

DESCRIPTION: This course overviews GenPortal for IT Analysts

TIMES: Class will start each day at 9:00 AM (CT) and end at 1:00 PM (CT)


  • Part I
    Source Control Intro (SVN)
    Standard Tools Intro (WinMerge, Eclipse, GOTU)
    Setting Up Standard Tools
    Code Analysis Tools (Eclipse, Checkstyle, SpotBugs, PMD)

  • Part II
    Standard Tools Review (SVN, Eclipse)
    SVN Project Structure
    Eclipse Project Structure
    GSMS Folder Structure and Hierarchy

  • Part III
    Using Jar Projects (Ivy)
    GenPortal Eclipse Plugin
    Debugging GSMS
    Unit Testing
    GSMS API – Java and Web Services
    Utility Classes
    GSMS Tasks
    GSMS Utilities/Best Practices