PCI GenTrader Standard Training

Event Date:  August 6-8, 2019

Instructor:  Justin Cook – Director of Software Development

AUDIENCE: PCI GenTrader Users

DESCRIPTION: PCI GenTrader is the analytical engine that optimizes a portfolio of generation units with detailed physical characteristics together with load obligations, forward and option power contracts, fuel positions, and transportation constraints.

Topics to be Covered

PCI GenTrader Concepts

  • Average Heat Rate vs. Incremental Heat Rate
  • Economic Dispatch
  • Unit Commitment

GenTrader Special Applications

  • Risk Modeling
  • Stochastic Analysis
  • Hedging Strategies

GenTrader Business Applications

  • Market-based Portfolio Optimization
  • Obligation-based Portfolio Optimization
  • Fuel Constrained Portfolio Optimization
  • Ancillary Services Modeling
  • Block Pricing Analysis
  • Stress Testing

Benefits & Key Features

  • Model representation for combined-cycle and pumped storage units
  • Simultaneous local and global emission optimization for NOx and SO2
  • Multi-tier fuel constraint optimizations
  • Multi-area and multi-commodity capabilities for arbitrage decisions and operations
  • Integrated platform for deterministic and stochastic simulations
  • Optimal portfolio selection based on risk/reward criteria
  • Unified modeling for short-term and long-term studies with recursive adaptation

TIMES:  Class will start each day at 8:00 AM and end at 5:00 PM Central Time