PCI System Administration

Event Date:  SEPTEMBER 8, 2020

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Ravi Chandra

AUDIENCE:  IT personnel responsible for updating and maintaining PCI products in an on-premise environment.

DESCRIPTION:  This course primarily addresses use of PCI Agent to install and upgrade GenManager domains, PCI utilities, auxiliary settings and other aspects of GenManager system administration.

EXPECTATIONS:  Training will be offered in traditional classroom setting with lecture, class discussions, and hands-on exercises.  A secure laptop will be provided for each attendee.

TIMES:  Class will start each day at 9:00 AM and end at 5:00 PM (CT) 


  • Infrastructure set-up
  • How licensing for PCI products is managed
  • PCI software release cycle
  • Things to know about the PCI Agent
  • Initial set-up of PCI Agent
  • Installing GSMS (demo)
  • How to stage custom files
  • Server mapping
  • GOTU
  • First high availability upgrade
  • Manual task migrate
  • Auxiliary Settings
  • HTTPS for GSMS
  • Promotion
  • Migrating schemas (Prod <-> QA)
  • Setting-up authentication for the agent
  • File management utility
  • Performance tools
  • Logs overview (how to troubleshoot issues)
  • Important logs
  • Agent zip logs
  • Upcoming features (optional)