Asset Operations

PCI’s Asset Operations Solution is an integrated collection of applications designed to streamline work processes and improve communications between plant and operations personnel. It allows generation owners and operators to comprehensively manage asset declarations within their company and report to an ISO’s scheduling entity for coordination and approval.

The modules that comprise the PCI Asset Operations Solution may be deployed independently but offer unique and powerful advantages when coupled into a turnkey solution.

Outage Management

At the core of PCI’s Asset Operations Solution is the Outage Management application, which supplies a single, coordinated stream of outage event and status data from plant to front office, and ultimately to the ISO.

Journal Module

Log and follow-up on any generation asset issues. Among many applications, the Journal may be used to record chronologies of daily business events, perform regulatory compliance and track internal workflows.

Energy Scheduling Module

PCI’s Energy Scheduling Module processes key inputs in the calculation of day ahead offers. Automate the scheduling process for must-take generators and qualifying facilities. Import energy schedule data for review and modification in any PCI or third-party applications. View and verify that schedules are consistent with availability declarations based on any scheduled outages or derates.

Plant Instructions Module

Enhance communication between Dispatchers and Plant Controllers with an audited messaging system that support three-way communications. Dispatchers are able to monitor plant instructions (Start-ups, Shutdowns, Configuration Changes, Manual Dispatches, and Informational Notifications) in real time. Instructions are delivered to Plant Managers via pop-up messages.

Gas Pipeline Module

PCI ensures fast, smooth communication with gas pipelines using a standard protocol that is beneficial to both gas companies operating city gates and generation as well as generation companies operating gas-fired power plants. Use the pipeline data to optimize gas positions and determine any arbitrage between electricity and gas markets.

Generating Availability Data System (GADS) Module

Quickly enter and manage NERC GADS compliant outages, derates and reserve shutdown events while at the same time making those events available to other PCI or third-party applications. The PCI GADS Module runs calculations on events, creates reports based on event calculations and generates NERC-compliant files.

Plant Interface Module

Allow plant personnel to more effectively review and update operational data that drive day-ahead and real-time market offers. Monitor and report on plant market clearing results and prices in the DA and RT modes.