Business Intelligence

PCI’s Business Intelligence (BI) Analyzer suite transforms raw data into meaningful and useful information for optimized decision making.  PCI delivers a “Business Discovery” analytics tool kit that redefines the BI concept and is tailored exclusively to information-hungry ISO market participants that want to gain market and operational insights as quickly and easily as possible.

PCI Analyzers increase your ability to make enlightened and impactful decisions. Any user can create tailored insights that not only meet their unique needs and timelines, but also do it in a way that more rapidly advances important objectives and enterprise-wide success.

PCI’s Data Warehouse is the primary source for our BI Analyzer suite.

  • Visualize market and operational trends
  • Compare important data such as energy prices, volumes, fuel burns and profits across positions and through time
  • Expedite analyses by quickly slicing and dicing large volumes of data, while allowing you to drill down from annual portfolio summaries into monthly, daily, hourly and even sub-hourly position details
  • Monitor Key Performance Indexes (KPIs)