Business Intelligence

PCI’s Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities transform raw data into meaningful and impactful information that speeds and optimizes decision making.

PCI has developed a family of “Analyzers” that redefine the very concept of BI for energy companies and utilities and are, in fact, “Business Discovery” solutions tailored for ISO/RTO participants who are increasingly seeking to gain every edge possible in deciphering market and operational signals that can mean the difference between their business surviving or thriving.


Utilities, renewable energy companies, marketers/traders, and IPPs leverage the power of PCI’s Analyzers to far more efficiently measure organizational progress against goals, identify new opportunities, and find sometimes hidden cost-savings. In addition, analysts and managers can see market and operational “danger signals” that could potentially impede the success of their business.  Users can harness business intelligence to:

  • Quickly visualize market and operational trends.
  • Compare essential data such as energy prices, volumes, fuel burns, and profits across positions and through time.
  • Expedite analyses by quickly dissecting large
  • volumes of data, to drill down from annual summary information into monthly, daily, hourly, and even sub-hourly details.
  • Create and monitor an array of enterprise Key Performance Indexes (KPIs)