Data Warehouse

Energy industry companies are challenged with gathering, rationalizing, linking and maintaining large volumes of disparate operational and market data that may have many dimensions and come from different sources. PCI’s Data Warehouse is designed exclusively to facilitate easy access to vital information in order to make critical business decisions. It manages, analyzes and reports on generation, transmission and demand-side data from any PCI or third party data source.

Primarily a reporting and interfacing database, the PCI Data Warehouse speeds up reporting and integration by orders of magnitude, giving you more time to focus on your work and your company a powerful strategic advantage. It uncovers and exploits oftentimes hidden benefits by marrying data integration and management with the increasingly important areas of business analytics and reporting.


    • Out-of-the-box implementation
      PCI’s Data Warehouse comes predefined with schemas and wizards to help you hit the ground running.


    • Streamlining data mining, analysis and reporting Because different information sets from different systems are stored together, they are easier to access.


    • Flexible deployment
      PCI’s Data Warehouse can be installed on-premise or deployed on our hosted platform to meet your business requirements and optimize enterprise IT resources.


    • Fast creation of new reports and BI “Analyzers”
      Business users and IT personnel can create and test new reports in hours or days instead of weeks or months.


    • Stability
      PCI’s Data Warehouse incorporates a robust, industry-standard design, helping to guarantee stability over time.


    • Common data model for all types of data
      PCI has made a significant investment in encoding all data objects into a consistent, consolidated star (snowflake) schema that allows for easy interfacing and reporting.


    • Scalability
      PCI’s Data Warehouse can adjust and grow to meet your evolving business needs.


    • Open Integration
      The PCI Data Warehouse can work with a data aggregator to optimize data collection and reporting.