PCI’s Energy Accounting software solution tracks, calculates, and verifies energy volumes to improve meter data quality and simplify workflows.  It specifically manages, automates, and streamlines the calculation and validation of generation and load meters, interchange schedules (tie-line flows) in and out of defined areas, and helps identify potential meter errors.

PCI Energy Accounting provides an array of benefits that drive high ROI and optimize your organization’s bottom-line.

  • Increase meter data quality with multiple source comparison capabilities
  • Streamline workflows by automatically identifying potential meter errors
  • Manage ISO communication for meter data submissions and downloads
  • Ensure full utilization of transmission assets
  • Tracking and reducing Unaccounted For Energy (UFE)
  • Extend to PCI’s Transmission Billing solution to produce
    • Invoice and checkout reports to Transmission Customers (TCs)
    • Shadow invoices received from other Transmission Providers (TPs)
    • Integrate with General Leger (G/L) systems
  • View multiple data granularity levels and time zones
  • Record all data revisions for auditing
  • Optimize tie checkouts with quick data comparisons and exception reporting
  • Use simple configuration of time-variant calculations with multi-step input/output
  • Automate month-end reconciliation and true-ups
  • Facilitate external access to data with APIs
  • Hosted or on-premise deployment options are available.
    • Reduce over-reliance on staff manual/visual data inspection
    • Customized permission controls by user
    • Specially designed data displays and visualization tools expedite all EA processes
    • User-tailored dashboards
    • “Out-of-the-box” reports and custom reporting wizard


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PCI Energy Accounting Solution