Energy Accounting

Energy companies must account for all the megawatt-hours in their systems and PCI’s Energy Accounting Solution simplifies that process by calculating and tracking any type of energy asset data. PCI supports actual, calculated and virtual meter data and can import that data from other systems.

Additionally, PCI has developed numerous, specially designed screens to expedite all processes for Energy Accounting personnel and, also allows for the creation of tailored dashboards that are accessible via custom permissions.


PCI Energy Accounting manages, automates and streamlines the calculation and validation of generation and load meters, interchange schedules (tie line flows) in and out of defined areas and helps identify potential meter errors. PCI Energy Accounting provides many benefits, including:

  • On-premise or hosted deployment options
  • Data is easily configured, updated and submitted to the ISO
  • Fast data import from multiple sources
  • Fast re-import of data to correct meter data
  • Creation of ad-hoc reports and data sets for export
  • APIs to facilitate external access to data
  • Storage of all data and log entries with full auditing information
  • Computation of system and area loads
  • Support for multiple meter data channels to detect potential meter data errors
  • Checkouts with multiple counter-parties and in multiple time zones
  • Creation of ad-hoc or customized reports and tailored user dashboards
  • Customized permission controls by user
  • No software changes needed to incorporate updates to meters and calculations

Data Warehousing and Integration

PCI’s multi-dimensional Data Warehouse provides complete data storage to support analytics and reporting. It can easily be integrated with other IT systems used for applications such as:

  • Metering (PI, MV90) for revenue quality meter data retrieval
  • SCADA/EMS/GMS for real-time meter data
  • Deal capture and scheduling
  • Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA)
  • Weather data management