Back Office Solution

PCI’s energy back-office software provides end-to-end workflow support for both ISO-controlled and bilateral trading markets. It incorporates robust functionality for optimizing settlements for a wide array of market instruments. System capabilities include:

ISO & shadow Settlement

PCI calculates a preliminary pre-settlement of the ISO charges prior to the availability of the ISO statement to provide a comprehensive side-by-side comparison to find discrepancies.

  • Shadow and verify complex ISO charge codes and invoices to independently validate ISO statement charges.
  • Forecasting power settlements gives front-office personnel the ability to confidently and rapidly adjust and improve market trading strategies.
  • Quickly identify discrepancies between shadow results and ISO settlement statements
  • Dispute, track and resolve settlement issues with the ISO.
  • Calculate settlements at the position or market instrument level (generator, load zone, virtual bids, internal/external transactions, FTRs, etc.)

Settlement Reporting

Pre-defined and ad-hoc reporting capabilities include:

  • Easy access to all settlement data (i.e., charges, intermediate calculations, billing determinants, etc.) for reporting
  • Automation of report runs and distribution within an enterprise

 Settlement data can be further analyzed using PCI’s Business Intelligence (BI) system.


PCI allocates costs to internal or external entities before the data are passed to general ledger software packages. ISO settlement charge amounts are assigned to pre-defined buckets based on company-defined business rules. GenManager® allocation examples include:

  • Total ISO invoices and charges to trading positions for calculation of trading P&L
  • Settlement charges to internal accounts to facilitate accounting journal entries
  • Settlement charges to FERC system of accounts for accounting and compliance needs
  • ISO invoices to external customers or jointly-owned units


PCI GenManager® supports the unique EQR needs for companies that have a large portion of their transactions within an ISO market.

  • Download and validate EQR reports based on settlements data
  • Create all EQR files formatted for FERC portal submission
  • Join ISO and non-ISO deals for combined filings
  • Support for sub-hourly data granularity