Back Office

PCI’s GenManager® Settlement Solutions include robust capabilities for settling (and disputing) a wide range of market instruments. Verify and shadow complex ISO charge codes and invoices, customize contract settlements and perform energy accounting of schedules, tags and financial product deals.

PCI also forecasts settlements giving front office personnel the ability to rapidly adjust and improve their market participation strategies. GenManager® analyzes market performance results using predefined costing scenarios, comparison to optimized or other ad-hoc approaches. Allocating costs to internal or external entities is available before interfacing to general ledger accounting packages, such as SAP or Oracle.

Settlement data can be analyzed using PCI’s Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) Analyzers.

The PCI GenManager® Back Office Solution includes full end-to-end workflow support for both ISO and non-ISO environments.

  • ISO and Shadow Settlements
  • Intuitive user interface for viewing and drilling into downloaded ISO invoices and settlement statements
  • Calculating settlements at the position or market instrument level (generator, load zone, virtual bids, internal/external transactions, FTRs, etc.)
  • Creating independent shadow settlements for side-by-side comparison with ISO settlement statements
  • Identifying discrepancies between ISO settlement statement and independent shadow settlements. Submitting and tracking disputes with the ISO.
  • Calculating next-day pre-settlement estimates prior to the availability of actual ISO statements
  • Transmission owner/customers can verify, manage, view and report on transmission settlement statements data
  • Validating ISO invoices based on published information weekly and monthly invoicing approval processes a simple check

PCI Settlement Solutions exists for:

  • Standard and Non-Standard Deal Products for all North American Markets
  • Allocations
  • Energy Accounting
  • Transmission Settlement
  • Tolling or other types of Contract Settlement