GenManager®, PCI’s front office solution, manages key bidding and analytical functions starting with building sets of bid/offer strategies in-advance for consideration in each ISO’s day-ahead and real-time process prior to then predicting market awards. Onboard analytics allow for the quickly scrutinizing awards to make well-informed, fast, on-course strategic trading corrections.

GenManager® also incorporates LMPs and analysis modes for DA/RT bidding. The software’s modular Web services architecture promotes easy interfacing with any data source or third-party systems and the flexibility to quickly respond to varying market conditions.  PCI’s automation solution for bidding includes the following capabilities.

ISO Communications

  • PCI software automates, manages and monitors all data exchange between market participants and ISOs while audit logging all communications.

LMP Forecasting & Management

  • Create LMP forecasts using historical “similar days” to project bid/offer awards using strategies that can be evaluated for effectiveness and potential profitability.

Bid Formulation

  • All bid automation software platforms are not created equal. The front office market bidding function of GenManager® applies templated strategies to create, save submit, and analyze bid packages to ensure optimized offers are tendered to the market.
  • Users can inventory, adjust and re-use the most effective bid/offer templates and strategies based on operational constraints and market conditions.

Bid Evaluation

  • Market bidding in GenManager® includes the co-optimization of energy and ancillary services (AS) while respecting each market’s unique design and rules.  Bid evaluation in PCI’s front office solution tests “what/if” scenarios and conducts multi-case analysis on DA/RT bids and offers for profitability prior to submission.