Optimization & Analytics

Competitive power generation companies must constantly evaluate their decisions based on market conditions. PCI GenTrader® is the acknowledged industry leading solution for generation portfolio optimization. Incorporating numerous breakthroughs in optimization and simulation technology, GenTrader® offers multiple modeling capabilities that provide near real-time decision support, long-range planning and post-analytics.

PCI GenTrader® can be used across multiple time horizons to optimize portfolio positions from as little as five minutes to as long as 30 years ensuring consistency across your entire enterprise. GenTrader® encompasses numerous breakthroughs in optimization and simulation technology that make it the premier generation management system.

Comprehensive and Versatile

PCI GenTrader® is used for numerous applications both inside and outside ISO markets and incorporates an advanced optimization algorithm for robust unit commitment and economic dispatch for modeling an entire portfolio, including:

  • Thermal generation including complex combined-cycle assets
  • Hydro generation including cascaded and pumped storage assets
  • Renewable generation
  • Market prices: power, fuel, ancillary services, emissions
  • Complex option and forward contracts
  • Fuel constraints and energy-limited options

PCI GenTrader® is an ideal model to support applications as diverse as daily operational planning, fuel burn forecasting, asset acquisition, post-analytics, transaction structuring, assessing emissions (and emissions compliance) impacts as well as the impact of potential plant upgrades.

  • Traders use GenTrader® to produce a near real-time pricing grid for making off-system purchases and sales
  • Portfolio managers can run post-analytics to assess operational efficiency as well as transaction and outage costing
  • Planners can run hourly simulations for any time period
  • Risk analysts perform stochastic simulation with GenTrader® to show the impact of market price volatilities, unit forced outages and load uncertainties

Short and Long Term Optimization

The GenTrader® platform can be used across multiple time horizons to optimize portfolio positions from 5-minutes out to 30-years, ensuring consistency across your entire enterprise. GenTrader® encompasses:

  • Simultaneous local/global NOx emission constraint optimization
  • Multi-tier fuel constraint optimization
  • Multi-area and multi-commodity capabilities for arbitrage decisions and operations
  • Unified modeling for both short- and long- term studies with recursive outage adaptation
  • Full co-optimization for all customer resources and obligations considering all commodities (energy, reserves, regulation, fuel and emissions)
  • Integrated platform for deterministic/stochastic simulation and production costing runs, which can be used to simulate the impact of load uncertainty, forced outages and fuel cost uncertainties on revenues, production costs, and profits and losses
  • Grid computing to perform parallel processing significantly reduces the time to run multi-year studies
  • Market price analysis to assess how a portfolio’s profit and loss would behave under varying market conditions