Energy Asset Optimization

PCI optimization solutions are used for numerous applications both inside and outside ISO markets. Our GenTrader® platform encompasses an advanced optimization algorithm for robust unit commitment (UC) and economic dispatch (ED) against contract obligations, energy, and ancillary service market price signals. 

GenTrader® is the most all-encompassing energy generation and storage portfolio modeling software available to ISO market participants and bilateral players alike.  Model and optimize any aspect of your entire power asset portfolio, including:

  • Daily operational planning
  • Fuel burn forecasting
  • Asset valuation and acquisition
  • Post-analytics
  • Transaction structuring
  • Assessing emissions (and emissions compliance) impacts
  • Assessing potential power plant upgrade impacts
  • Advanced hydro generation including cascaded and pumped storage assets
  • Thermal generation (including complex combined-cycle assets)
  • Renewable generation
  • Real-time pricing
  • Market prices: power, fuel, ancillary services, emissions
  • Complex option and forward contracts
  • Fuel constraints and energy-limited options
  • O&M optimization (LTSA)
  • Demand Response

PCI GenTrader® delivers
  • Accurate study results for simple to complex portfolios
  • Insightful information that results in profitable decisions
  • Advanced automation and seamless integration with all applications in the overall PCI software platform, as well as seamless integration with any third-party systems


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