Post Analysis

PCI’s Post Analysis Solution provides business tools for analyzing past market activities with the goal of revealing inefficiencies to improve future performance of your entire enterprise.

Compute actual P&L for operating a portfolio of assets inside (or outside) any ISO market and then assign costs, as well as benefits by group, objective and relevant stakeholder.

Typical Post Analysis objectives include:

  • Transaction costing (after-the-fact)
  • Lost opportunity costs from outages or derates
  • Operational efficiency costs (optimal vs. actual)
  • Calculation of client-specific indexes

Benefits of using PCI Post Analysis:

  • Automating and streamlining post analytics of your firm’s operational performance as well as the segregation and allocation of costs and revenues among stakeholders
  • Demonstration of operational prudence according to market and regulatory rules
  • Providing a historical account to validate future decisions
  • Standard and custom reports to display key post analysis results
  • Powerful and intuitive dashboards to optimize user experience
  • Ability to interface with other in-house and PCI systems