comprehensive outage management

PCI’s OMS is an integrated set of applications that streamline work processes and improve communications between field and operations personnel. It allows generation and transmission asset owners (and operators) the ability to comprehensively manage all outages and their lifecycles, from planning and operations all the way through reporting to ISO scheduling entities, NERC, etc.

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Forced events to minor derates are supported and their detailed information is shared with market operators and regulatory authorities before outages occur and after-the-fact. PCI’s system also tracks the status of requests during different outage phases and allows for quick review and approval.  Further, analytics are included every step of the way for all events. On the transmission side, PCI provides a comprehensive tool kit to manage all grid outages while meeting all NERC requirements. 

Journal Module
Log and track any asset issues. Record chronologies of daily business events, perform regulatory compliance, and track internal workflows.

Scheduling Module
Automate the scheduling process so users can import, review and modify schedule data using PCI’s system or other applications (if desired). Users can verify schedule consistency with outages or derates.

Plant Instructions Module
Enhance communications between dispatchers and field personnel by providing an audited messaging system to support real-time three-way communications.

Plant Interface Module
Plant personnel can review and update operational data driving day-ahead and real-time market offers. They can then monitor and report on market-clearing results and prices in the DA/RT modes.

GADS Module
Better manage NERC GADS compliant outages, derates and reserve shutdown events while making those events available to other PCI or third-party applications.


  • Completely web-based with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface (UI)
  • Manage the entire outage lifecycle process, from the field to outage coordinator/dispatcher (outage, derate entry, update, approval, and notifications)
  • Easily record operating events for anytime-access and auditing
  • Seamlessly connect to PCI or third-party systems to share approved outage data across your enterprise
  • Interface with NERC eGADS
  • Conform to all ISO/RTO and NERC data requirements


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