Trading & Scheduling

The PCI Platform fully supports all energy trading, scheduling, and settlement workflows through our widely utilized GenManager® solution that is configurable for participants in any ISO/RTO market or for bilateral trading entities. GenManager® is a fully integrated power trading software platform that automates generation scheduling and power settlement workflows that can be deployed on-premise or as a hosted service. In addition, it links to any data source or third-party system.

GenManager® builds bidding strategies in advance, applying them to automatically create a series of bids and offers for each ISO’s day-ahead (DA) and real-time (RT) processes while incorporating LMPs and deep-dive analytics.  It accommodates physical, financial, and hybrid transactions by providing support for all individual deal components, including:

  • Bidding of any market instruments in all North American ISOs
  • Interfacing to exchanges such as ICE, CME/NYMEX, and Nodal Exchange
  • Communicating with OASIS and E-Tagging
  • Communicating with natural gas pipeline companies
  • Managing credit and risk
  • Regulatory reporting (FERC EQR, etc.)
  • Executing settlements with ISOs and counterparties
  • Workflow automation with customizable user approvals and controls


The core components of GenManager® are common to all markets.  PCI provides a configurable user interface that presents the most pertinent information to the front, middle, or back-office with tailored displays and terminology unique to each ISO/RTO.  The system’s modular Web services architecture provides flexibility to respond to varying market conditions quickly and makes it easy for users to: 

  • Configure the user interface to present the most pertinent information for front to back-office staff members
  • Define portfolios
  • Perform communication tasks
  • Schedule bilateral trades
  • Submit bids and offers specific to each market
  • View market results
  • Validate settlement statements
  • Track and complete invoice processes