Trading & Scheduling

PCI provides a fully integrated platform that supports the entire trading, scheduling and settlement workflow both inside and outside of ISO markets.

PCI supports multi-commodity deal capture and credit, all the way to scheduling and settling of deals,  And, our platform streamlines all workflows and can be tailored to fit the needs of any market participant.


Accommodates physical, financial, and hybrid transactions by providing support for all individual deal components.  PCI accommodates each by providing support for all individual deal components including:

  • Bidding of all market instruments to all North American ISOs
  • Exchange interfaces to ICE, CME/NYMEX and Nodal Exchange
  • OASIS communication and E-Tagging
  • Pipeline communication
  • Credit and risk management capabilities
  • Regulatory reporting (FERC EQR, etc.)
  • Settlement with ISOs and counterparties
  • On-premise or hosted deployment options
  • A configurable user interface that presents the most pertinent information to front-, mid- or back-office personnel
  • Automation of all workflows with customized user approvals and controls