PCI’s Gas Management system combines physical supply and transportation contracts, giving users complete control over path selection, as well as standard and time-dependent strike options. PCI’s solution facilitates gas pipelines communications using a standard protocol that is beneficial to both city gate operators and generation companies that operate gas-fired power plants.

Our platform allows you to view position information related to the pipeline, locations, and counterparties, then easily export it to Microsoft Excel or other external systems.

  • Model physical natural gas systems including:
    • Pipelines, hubs, points, and paths
  • Optimize natural gas scheduling based on:
    • Paths, price data, and pipeline constraints
  • Manage gas transportation, including control over pipelines and storage
  • Integrate with real-time and day-ahead power system processes
  • Update prices and forecast burn using PCI’s robust natural gas scheduling tools\
  • Maximize cost savings leveraging pipeline capacity reservation functionality

PCI’s custom user interface helps speed numerous functions, including:

  • Striking options
  • Executing market purchases
  • Standard and customized reporting provide summary and detailed reports that clearly portray contract terms and gas supply.