Power Transmission SYSTEMS

Balancing Authorities (BA) and Transmission Providers use PCI to efficiently streamline generation dispatch, operations, interchange accounting, load calculations, and transmission customer billing.  PCI’s Platform is well suited for exchanging, monitoring, and collecting data with an ISO, neighboring BAs, and Reliability Coordinators to ensure stable operation of the interconnection and improve accuracy in settlement and after-the-fact billing.  PCI’s power transmission systems encompass the following functions:

Transmission OPERATIONS
  • Manages area balance, interchange scheduling and After-the-Fact (ATF) checkout

  • Manages, automates, and streamlines the calculation and validation of generation and load meters, interchange schedules (tie-line flows) in and out of defined areas, as well as identification of potential meter errors.

Transmission BILLING
  • Extends PCI’s Energy Accounting system to:
    • Produce invoice and checkout reports for each Transmission Customer (TC)
    • Shadow invoices received from other Transmission Providers (TP)
    • Integrate with any general ledger systems (e.g., SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.)

  • Provides a comprehensive solution for meeting NERC requirements and managing all transmission outages while reporting them to one or more ISOs.
  • PCI‘s transmission OM module is part of a larger, multiple-module solution that supplies a coordinated stream of outage event and status data from the field to the front office to the ISO.