“Automating Outage Management Workflows for Generation Operations in the East (SPP, MISO, ERCOT, PJM, ISONE, and NYISO)”

Event Date:  NOV 11, 2021

During this one-hour webinar, PCI will discuss the key functionality and benefits of our comprehensive Outage Management (OM) Platform, and other supporting Asset Operations tools for energy suppliers in the Central and Eastern U.S.  PCI’s solution meets both NERC and Reliability Coordination requirements, while substantially improving overall economic efficiency.  PCI will highlight these system capabilities:

  • Generation Outage Workflows
    Streamline outage data entry, capture, storage/reporting processing, and required workflows in a single system of record. PCI’s Outage Calendar visually aids the planning process, and a comprehensive Home Page provides operational overviews of daily outage activities.

  • Energy Storage Resources (ESRs)
    Capture, manage and simplify the lifecycle of outages, derates, or other impacts to energy storage resources (ESRs).

  • GADS (Generating Availability Data System)
    Enable entry and management of NERC GADS compliant outages, derates, and reserve shutdown events. Run calculations on events, create reports based on event calculations and generate NERC-compliant files.

  • Ambient Derates
    Download weather data and drive business process automation based on unit output curves and nomograms. PCI supports output management for renewable resources.

  • Journal Workflow
    Automate the capture, monitoring, recording, and follow-up for any generation asset issues. Record chronologies of daily business events, perform regulatory compliance, and track internal workflows.