“Computing Profit & Loss for Sub-Hourly Transactions in the New SEEM Market”

Event Date:  May 11, 2022

With an expected SEEM market go-live date in October of this year, a key question facing all participants is, “How can we quantify the true benefits of SEEM’s 15-minute bilateral transactions after the fact?” By attending this webinar, you’ll learn:

1. The critical need for post-analytics in capturing all the benefits of SEEM market transactions.

2. How PCI’s post-analysis software will help capture all SEEM market benefits by:

a.) Identifying generation resources that will need to be ramped up every 15-minutes (to sell energy into SEEM) and those requiring ramp down (to buy energy from SEEM).

b.) Accurately calculating profits and losses for SEEM transactions. Based on PCI’s deep markets expertise, 90-95% of SEEM transactions will be profitable, while 5-10% could have losses due to improper pricing or resources not being optimally dispatched. By catching and resolving these issues, especially early in the SEEM market, significant savings will be available to market participants.

c.) Correctly identifying SEEM market impacts on fuel consumption, especially gas burn, since gas will be procured daily.

d.) Correctly identifying SEEM market impacts on emissions (GHG, SO2, NOx, etc.); vital for some participants since one of the key reasons for joining SEEM is to lower emissions.