EIM Operations and Settlement Workflows for Balancing Authorities

Event Date:  April 5, 2018

PCI discusses business needs for participants in the Western Energy Imbalance Market.  Topics include:

  • Performing last-minute Schedule Balancing for units and tie lines to match latest CAISO Load Forecasts
  • Submission of Balanced Schedules to CAISO BSAP servers
  • How to make last-minute adjustments to make sure that a BA meets flexible-ramp tests
  • How to monitor all CAISO Sufficiency Tests
  • Updating and submission of inter-tie limits CAISO BAAOP servers
  • Submitting outage cards for G&T equipment to CAISO WebOMS
  • Validating meter data for units, loads, and tie lines
  • Submission of meter data to CAISO MRI-S
  • Downloading and validating CAISO settlements for EIM entities
  • Running transmission billing to create invoices for Transmission Customers