“Gas ETRM Best Practices Session #3: “Managing Natural Gas Settlements & Accounting”

Event Date:  DEC 2, 2021

This is part #3 of a three-part webinar series that focuses on natural gas ETRM best practices and how to capitalize on the advanced functionality in comprehensive ETRM platforms such as PCI’s.

Managing Natural Gas Settlements & Accounting will encompass the following topics:

  • Meter Data Management
  • Gas Settlement & Invoicing
  • Cost Allocation
  • Gas Accounting
  • General ledger Integration

PCI experts will also review these key learning objectives:

  • The role of natural gas in today’s volatile energy markets
  • Leveraging ETRM to better manage supply, M&T, and scheduling
  • Automating and optimizing trading, scheduling, and operations
  • Managing risk and credit positions
  • How to streamline settlements and compliance reporting
  • Enhanced decision support using deep-dive analytics

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