“How Colorado Springs Utilities Derives Value from PCI’s ETRM Solution”

Event Date:  Jan 21, 2021


CSU deployed PCI’s ETRM platform in 2019 with the following key objectives:

  • To manage its portfolio of assets (resources, loads, and bilateral transactions)
  • To support its Joint-Dispatch Agreement with three other Colorado utilities
  • To streamline, automate and better validate settlement charges and invoices


This webinar is specifically tailored to show how CSU leverages the PCI ETRM Platform to support its complete back-office workflow, including how it validates settlement invoices to close the monthly book.  CSU will also share important lessons learned and key benefits derived through its partnership with PCI.


  • Devin Elverdi, Settlement Analyst, CSU
  • Zenab Rangwala, Director, PCI
  • Khai Le, Sr. Vice President, PCI