“Maximizing the Value of Genco Assets in SPP’s Western Energy Imbalance Service (WEIS) Market”

Event Date:  FEB 24, 2022

The SPP Western Energy Imbalance Service (WEIS) market has been a big success since its launch in February 2021.  There are currently seven market participants with four more Colorado utilities planning to join the market by April 2023.

The purpose of PCI’s webinar is threefold:

1.)  Our experts will review the lessons learned from operating asset portfolios (resources, loads, bilateral transactions, etc.) in the SPP WEIS footprint.

2.)  We will summarize key workflows and best practices for merchant groups to maximize the benefits from participating in the WEIS market. Workflows to be discussed include:

  • Portfolio optimization
  • RT bidding into WEIS Market
  • Shadow Settlements
  • P&L Analysis

3.)  PCI WEIS product managers will demonstrate the key capabilities of our WEIS market system platform.

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