“Innovations in e-Tagging: PCI Launches e-Tag+”

Event Date:  Mar 10, 2022

PCI has introduced e-Tag+, an innovative, cloud-native platform that offers a new way to reliably automate and trigger actions that speed the entry, validation, approval, submission, correction, withdrawal, and termination of e-Tags.

e-Tag+ is primarily designed for day-ahead and real-time traders/operators, Balancing Authority (BA) staff, and back-office personnel. It offers new functionality to better manage and conduct all tagging activities while providing an open platform that integrates with other applications to create powerful workflows such as tag-to-trade and trade-to-tag.

PCI’s webinar will focus on the following e-Tag+ elements:

1.) Key functionality & benefits
2.) User interface advantages
3.) Technology advantages
4.) Compliance with NAESB, NERC & other standards
5.) System integration & automation features

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