“Optimizing Transmission Outage Management – From TOP to RTO/RC & Beyond”

Event Date:  Apr 21, 2022

During this webinar, PCI experts will discuss key functionality, the latest enhancements, and numerous benefits of our comprehensive Transmission Outage Management (OMS) platform utilized by transmission operators and energy suppliers across the U.S. PCI’s solution meets both NERC and Reliability Coordination requirements, while substantially improving overall economic efficiency and delivering a consistently high ROI. The primary workflows to be reviewed include:

  • Transmission Outages
    Streamline equipment selection, outage entry, storage and reporting across groups and markets.  Review benefits of tiered approvals and automatic event management.

  • Transmission Availability Data System & Misoperations
    Integrate TADS & Misoperations (Section 1600) reporting into outages.  Leverage automation to manage events, create reports and generate NERC-compliant file.

  • FERC 881 – Dynamic Line Ratings
    Ambient Adjusted Ratings based on weather data and business process automation (BPM).  Support for equations/nomograms. ATC posting and OASIS sync.

  • Journal Workflow
    Automate the capture, monitoring, recording, and follow-up for operational logging needs.  Record chronologies of daily events from substation check-ins to regulatory compliance.