Application Administration

Event Date:  February 24-25, 2021

INSTRUCTOR:  Chris Lewis

AUDIENCE:  IT personnel, System Administrators, or Super Users for either hosted or on-premise systems will benefit from this training


WEDNESDAY, February 24 (11 AM – 4 PM CT)
This session will give an overview of the GSMS system, common terms, and task automation within the system:

  • Common System Configuration Settings
  • GenPortal Task Configuration
  • GenPortal Task Automation
  • ISO Communication Task Configuration

THURSDAY, February 25 (11 AM – 4 PM CT)
This session with go in-depth to better understand common screen and workflow configurations. Also covered will be user management, authentication, and authorization.  Additional topics:

  • Object Lists & Lists of Values
  • Main Dashboards & Configurations
  • Reporting Tool
  • User Management
  • Alarms