Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC) Selects the PCI Platform to Streamline Power Scheduling Operations

September 23, 2021 – PCI, the leading provider of secure and reliable enterprise software for energy companies, announced today that Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC) has selected the PCI enterprise cloud platform for optimizing its power scheduling operations.

GSOC has been generating value for its customers by leveraging PCI’s portfolio optimization solution. As part of a strategic initiative to upgrade its power scheduling operations, GSOC performed extensive vendor evaluation and selected PCI to be its trusted provider.

By extending the PCI Platform, GSOC plans to address several business functions including real-time balancing and scheduling, day-ahead/week-ahead workflows, post analytics, and outage management to support operations in the Southeastern United States. Key functionality in GSOC’s implementation of the PCI Platform includes:

  • Real-time scheduling and balancing for GSOC’s Balancing Authority Area (BAA)
  • Auto-Balancer for seamlessly managing out-of-balance conditions
  • Real-time pricing and base-schedule management
  • Enhanced hydro network modeling and optimization
  • Real-time data visualization for control center situational awareness
  • Integrated day/week-ahead planning to optimize commitment and forecast fuel-burn
  • Post-analytics and operational key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Transaction costing to allocate costs to the contributing transactions
  • Enterprise outage management system (OMS) for planning and opportunity costing

“We are happy to be teaming up with PCI to expand on our term planning and operational support applications.  We’ve been a long-term user of the PCI GenTrader® solution and with the addition of new modules, GSOC will have an integrated platform to efficiently manage the grid’s evolution and provide our members with enhanced services.”, said David Danilchuk, GSOC Power Delivery Engineering.

“GSOC is PCI’s long-term strategic customer, and we appreciate the trust they have placed in us by extending our platform for mission-critical operations.”, said Bryan Kelly, PCI Vice President. “With the evolution of wholesale energy markets in the Southeast, our collaboration with GSOC will help serve similar regional entities for potential participation in the Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM).”

About Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC)
Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC) is an independent, not-for-profit system operations company owned by our Members: 38 of Georgia’s distribution electric membership corporations (the Member Systems), Oglethorpe Power Corporation, and Georgia Transmission Corporation. As the system operator, GSOC ensures reliable, independent system operations by controlling and monitoring electric generation, transmission, and distribution assets owned by Oglethorpe Power Corporation, Georgia Transmission Corporation, Smarr EMC, the Member Systems, and their power supply partners. The company enables its Members’ participation in the energy market in Georgia and the Southeast by providing a range of operations services that allow our Members to transact, optimize and account for their business in the wholesale energy market. Visit for more information.

About Power Costs, Inc. (PCI)
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