PCI has provided professional services to the energy industry for more than 25-years.  At our core are professionals and academics who have a deep and broad understanding of energy markets and processes at their most fundamental and advanced levels.  PCI products integrate, optimize, settle and analyze portfolios for participants in all North American markets and, with several hundred engagements worth of experience, we have a proven track record of returning high value to our clients.

Whether implementing and integrating our software tools into a customer’s environment via on-premise installation or, through the a hosted environment, PCI boasts a proven track record of success. Our company has implemented hundreds of solutions that range from helping a client join a new RTO, to changing an existing Market Operating System, to managing a large custom implementation of PCI’s Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tools.  Additional capabilities include integrating our products with accounting, SCADA, metering, ETRM and historian (plus other) enterprise systems.

PCI has developed an extremely successful product delivery process that is constantly being improved to track with changes in the ever-evolving energy markets and capitalize on technology advances. Our methodology incorporates teams that are expert in project management, software application, support and Agile practices that result in rapid deployment and streamlined implementation. Project Managers have an average of more than eight years experience working with clients to successfully implement PCI software tools.

Regardless of project size or scope, PCI has the experts and proven strategies to help you to achieve your objectives and improve the way your business runs.

PCI provides our clients strategic consulting and staff augmentation in many areas and have helped dozens of clients boost transparency by increasing the flow of information among business units for improved operational efficiency.

Among PCI’s areas of expertise are:

  • Improving front and back office processes for all RTO markets
  • Improving business processes in non-RTO operations
  • Improving workflows and enterprise data management
  • Custom application development
  • Security Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC) assessment and optimization

Since 2007, PCI has conducted a variety of ISO/RTO market workshops and is recognized today as one of the most qualified, authoritative and credible educators on a diverse array of topics associated with market operations and participation.  Our workshops are typically two-day events presented by senior PCI staff members who are well-known subject matter experts and, are sponsored by EUCI, the energy industry’s leading training seminar company.

PCI’s course content and instruction consistently receive rave reviews from attendees who strongly insist they get the absolute best training available, enabling the immediate integration of expanded knowledge into everyday job duties to quickly impact company operations and profitability.  PCI has conducted many different  types of market (and non-market) seminars focused on numerous topics, including:

  • Advanced bidding and settlement
  • Co-optimization and bidding of ancillary services
  • Developing bidding strategies and maximizing the value of generation assets
  • Portfolio optimization and risk management
  • Understanding and validating settlement charges
  • Using settlements to provide feedback to traders on effective bidding strategies
  • Preparing for (a specific) market go-live

In addition to open enrollment workshops organized by EUCI, PCI also develops customized sessions for individual companies that want to train and better equip key members of their staff.  Contact us to set-up a workshop for your team.

PCI is recognized as an industry leader in product training.  Our Product Managers and other market experts regularly provide standard or customized classes to business users and IT professionals and, we can do that either at your site or at our state-of-the-art facility in Norman, OK.  We work closely with your team to develop the right training curriculum tailored to their needs.

View the current training schedule in Norman or contact us to set-up a customized session for you or your colleagues.