Originally founded as a generation optimization software company, PCI has organically grown and expanded our solutions suite to encompass all mission-critical functions including bidding, scheduling, settlement, deal management, asset operations, data warehousing, energy accounting and business intelligence.

To allow our customers to optimize their generation asset portfolios, all PCI delivered solutions involve robust analytics that accommodate the physical constraints of generation assets. Our products are built on a common platform that enables seamless integration across all parts of your enterprise — from daily operations and trading to mid-term portfolio management and financial forecasting, and even long term planning and analytics.

PCI’s solution framework, known as the Generation Supply Management System (GSMS), covers a broad array of capabilities meant to address the various business needs of your enterprise. By working closely with you to understand your unique business needs, we tailor the right solution to meet or exceed those requirements.

Explore the benefits of PCI solutions within your organization:

Hosted & Non-Hosted Options Available Across All PCI Solutions

Any PCI Software Solution can be installed locally at your site, or hosted by our firm. PCI’s Hosted Business Solutions platform has been developed by drawing on extensive IT experience with numerous energy companies across the U.S. We provide dedicated, trusted and experienced professionals to off-load your IT staff and support your business 24/7/365.