ISO/RTO Market Participation – Integrated Bid-to-Bill Platform

With so many active ISO/RTO-controlled markets in North America, it has become imperative for marketing and trading shops, as well as some bilateral traders to deploy a proven, reliable, functionality-rich, fast, and well-supported bid-to-bill software platform.

PCI GenManager® is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive front office and back office software solution available to automate and optimize all of the detailed workflows unique to every organized energy market.  The system is utilized by dozens of mid-to-large sized companies in all U.S., Canadian, and Mexican energy markets, including:

  • AESO (Canada, AB)
  • CAISO (California ISO)
  • ERCOT (Texas ISO)
  • IESO (Canada, ON)
  • ISO New England
  • MEM (Mexico)
  • MISO
  • New York ISO
  • PJM Interconnection (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland) 
  • SPP (Southwest Power Pool)

Whether your firm is a single or multi-market player, GenManager® optimizes all essential bid-to-settlement tasks with modular capabilities that include:

  • ISO Communication to perform the exchange and monitoring of data between your company and the ISO
  • Bid Formulation to manage creation and submission of bids and offers
  • Bid Evaluation to assess the effectiveness of various bidding strategies
  • LMP Forecasts for use in building and evaluating bids
  • ISO Settlements to conduct the full settlement workflow, including preliminary shadowing of ISO statements


GenManager® supplies all mission-critical capabilities and offers numerous benefits to your enterprise:

  • On-premise or cloud-hosted deployment options
  • Turnkey automation and optimization of all bid-to-bill, front to back-office processes for ISO participants and bilateral trading organizations
  • Vastly shortened times to create/submit bids and offers, conduct trading, and analyze operational results
  • Speed the time it takes to assess and react with confidence to portfolio performance and market changes in order to maximize enterprise success
  • Creation of easy-to-use, reusable strategies that facilitate fast submission of bidding positions to the ISO
  • Customizable user interfaces (based on job function) reflect the terminology and workflows specific to each ISO
  • Validation of pre-settlement and shadow ISO settlement statements and invoices
  • Quick identification of ISO settlement discrepancies so that dispute submission, tracking, and resolution can happen as fast as possible
  • Platform architecture flexibility facilitates tailoring to the unique aspects of each energy market and user group requirements
  • Full support for data export and copy/paste functionality with other applications (e.g., Microsoft Excel, etc.)