ISO Market Participation

As more regions are move toward establishing centralized market control of unit commitment and dispatch, it has become imperative to have better control and understanding of the entire bid-to bill process.

PCI GenManager® is the most comprehensive software solution available to automate and optimize all the front and back office workflows unique to every North American market. GenManager® is able to build sets of strategies in-advance and apply them to automatically create a series of bids and offers for consideration in each market’s Day-Ahead (DA) and Real-Time (RT) processes. GenManager® incorporates LMPs and deep-dive analytics, while its modular, Web Services architecture provides unparalleled flexibility to speed responses to varying market conditions. GenManager® also easily links to any data source or third-party systems.

PCI GenManager® is utilized by participants in all U.S., Canadian and Mexican energy markets, including:

  • AESO (Alberta Electric System Operator)
  • IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator – Ontario)
  • ISO New England
  • MEM – Mexico
  • MISO
  • New York ISO
  • PJM Interconnection
  • Southwest Power Pool


GenManager® supplies all mission critical capabilities and offers numerous benefits to your enterprise:

  • On-premise or hosted deployment option
  • Full automation and optimization of all Front and Back Office processes
  • Substantially increase speed of portfolio creation, bid/offer submission, trading, analysis of results and reactions to market and operational changes
  • Creation of easy-to-use, reusable, strategies that facilitate fast submission of bidding positions to the ISO
  • Customized user interfaces (based on job function) that reflect the terminology and workflows specific to each individual ISO
  • Pre-settlements and shadow validation of ISO settlement statements and invoices
  • Settlement for ISO and non-ISO participants
  • Identification of ISO settlement discrepancies, dispute submission, tracking and resolution
  • Highly flexible architecture that is easily tailored to the unique aspects of each market
  • Full support for data export as well as copy/paste functionality with other applications (e.g., Microsoft Excel)