All energy suppliers must implement e-Tag services, which have largely become commoditized over the years.  However, PCI’s energy tagging solution not only encompasses the entire tag workflow, but also includes tools to optimize each stage of the process while fully complying with all NERC and NAESB standards.

PCI e-Tagging has been developed for day-ahead and real-time traders, operations personnel, Balancing Authorities (BAs), and back-office professionals.  Our solution is a functionality-rich and secure application that fully integrates with PCI’s ETRM platform to link multiple tags (from multiple owners) to a single deal.

Streamlined Workflows Optimize Enterprise Resources

  • PCI sends, receives, configures, and validates NERC e-Tags. At the same time, it records transactions, establishes tag security, and provides open integration with other PCI software modules, as well as third-party or in-house applications.
  • Day-ahead pre-scheduling, tag creation, and adjustment
  • Speed up your trader workflows and increase efficiencies using configurable screens
  • Trading and operations real-time monitoring and review
  • Synchronized screen (data) updates, notifications/alerts for traders and operators provide timely status updates on tag positions
  • Back-office e-Tag checkout and analysis

NAESB, NERC & Technology Standards Compliance

PCI is actively involved in NAESB WEQ meetings and closely follows all NERC requirement changes to make appropriate technical updates to our e-Tag system, ensuring our clients fully comply with all established standards.

  • PCI has developed a very nimble platform architecture using an automated deployment methodology, and multi-tenant hosting that facilitates fast-updating of market standards and procedural changes, or the addition of new functionality and feature enhancements.
  • PCI also meets the highest technology standards, such as those for Type 2 Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 Type II and Service Organization Controls (SOC) Type I and II issued under the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA). We also comply with the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 18 (SSAE 18).
  • PCI also follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-53r4 (NIST SP 800-53 rev.4) security framework, which provides a catalog of security and privacy controls for U.S. information systems.

These reports validate that PCI’s hosted solutions will meet its customers’ business needs on a best-in-class cloud platform.  We work with domestic and international customers that include federal and state entities under stringent compliance and regulatory mandates covering the security and reliability of mission-critical software solutions.

Technology Advantages

PCI utilizes an agile, fast-moving approach in our product development. Our e-Tagging solution is an AWS native, multi-tenant web application able to be easily updated when necessary.

  • PCI achieves tremendous system reliability due partially to our rigorous automated testing procedures established over many years working with dozens of clients in all regional energy markets.
  • PCI can deploy our e-Tagging solution quickly, without excessive integration work or customization.
  • Add-on functions exist such as rest APIs that allow you to embed PCI’s e-Tag applications with your in-house and third-party applications.

User Advantages

PCI streamlines tasks, automated processing rules, proactive alerts, summary calculations, and insightful data visualizations that save your team time and gives them the answers they need.  Customizable summary and detailed screens are matched to the workflow(s) each user requires and include:

  • Configuration options to set views, filters, alerts, reports, and more
  • Screens for tailoring and assigning approvals, whether fully automated, semi-automated or manually based on enterprise requirements.
  • Quick view screens for easy creation, editing, sending, and receiving NERC e-Tags
  • E-Tag path data views are available along with energy and transmission profiles
  • Dashboards for viewing e-Tag transmission communication activities (including submittal, approval, and rejection status)