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PCI’s E-Tagging solution is a functionality-rich and secure application that fully integrates with our ETRM platform to provide deal-to-tag and tag-to-deal workflows.

What Makes e-Tag+ Better?

Our e-Tagging solution is called e-Tag+ because it sets a new standard for energy tagging software. 

1. Reimagined User Experience via an intuitive, modular interface

2. Cloud-native architecture that can be deployed on a stand-alone basis

3. Integrates seamlessly with in-house or 3rd-party systems via REST API endpoints

4. Powerful, automated workflows enabled when used with other PCI software

5. Unrestricted Data Access for reporting and downstream settlements applications



e-Tag+ has been developed for day ahead/real-time traders, real-time operators, back-office staff, as well as Balancing Authority (BA) personnel, and provides an open platform for integrating with any PCI, or third-party and in-house developed applications.

e-Tag+ e-tagging functionality

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  • Meets all functions for e-Tag agent/approval service including creating NERC e-tags, adjustment, and approval under the latest specifications
  • Increased speed of trader and operator e-Tagging workflows, as well as overall efficiency gains using personalized, configurable screens
  • Timely tag information updates via asynchronous screen updates, highlights, and personalized alerts
  • Detail lists with as-of requests and snapshot computation for easy back-office e-Tag checkout and analysis
  • Minimization of user mistakes with data entry validation and numerous e-Tag validation rules
  • Reliably complete complex calculations from high volumes of tag data, including real-time and day ahead balancing positions, with no latency and no lost tags via our Minitag data layer.
  • Configurable tag approval system to allow fully automated, semi-automated or manual tag approval based on enterprise


User Advantages

e-Tag+ streamlines tasks, automates processing rules, provides proactive alerts, summarizes calculations, and displays insightful data visualizations that save your team time and gives them the answers they need. Customizable summary and detailed screens are matched to the workflow(s) each user requires and include:

  • Configuration options to set views, filters, alerts, reports, and more
  • Screens for tailoring and assigning approvals, whether fully automated, semi-automated or manually based on enterprise requirements.
  • Quick view displays for easy creation, editing, sending and receiving NERC e-Tags
  • E-Tag path data views are available along with energy and transmission profiles
  • Dashboards for viewing e-Tag transmission communication activities (including submittal, approval, and rejection status)
  • Dark mode display option for Control Rooms

Technology Advantages

PCI utilizes an agile, fast-moving approach for e-Tag+. Our energy tagging solution is a cloud native web application designed to be easily updated when new enhancements are available, or bug fixes ready. The level of nimbleness PCI achieves does not sacrifice reliability due to our rigorous automated testing procedures established over the course of many years working with dozens of clients within (and outside of) regional energy markets.

  • With cloud-native architecture, the PCI e-Tagging solution scales up easily without sacrificing system performance.  The speed of tag data processing is further maximized using the distributed databases functionality that AWS provides.
  • PCI’s E-Tagging system can be easily deployed “out-of-the-box” without excessive advanced integration or customization work.