PCI eTag Agent is a functionality-rich and secure application that fully integrates with PCI Deal Management. It provides deal-to-tag and tag-to-deal workflows, including the ability to link multiple tags (from multiple owners) to a single deal. It sends, receives, configures and validates NERC eTags while it records transactions, establishes eTag security and provides open integration with other PCI software modules as well as existing third-party applications.

PCI eTag Agent manages all stages of the eTag lifecycle and enables users to easily and intuitively enter, validate, approve, submit, correct, withdraw and terminate eTags. Automated and manual XML-based communication with the tag authority occurs via secure communication channels while users receive status information back from the tag authority.

PCI’s eTag Agent Interface Benefits:

  • Summary and detailed eTag screens with configuration options
  • Screens for quickly viewing, creating, editing, sending and receiving eTags
  • Storage and display of eTag data including paths, energy and transmission profiles
  • Screens for displaying eTag transmission communication activities (including submittal, approval and rejection)