“Challenges & Opportunities: Optimizing Utility-Scale Batteries in Wholesale Markets”

Event Date:  Nov 11, 2020

This webinar will assess the challenges and solutions that ISOs/RTOs, asset owners/operators and other market participants need to consider when bidding and operating battery storage systems within generation portfolios and regional wholesale markets. Webinar panelists will assess:

BESS Challenges

  • What data inputs – including constraints – are crucial in modeling battery resources?  The webinar will address batteries:
    1. As assets within a mixed, larger portfolio and;
    2. As a stand-alone resource bid into a two-step settlement market
  • How should storage assets be co-optimized to determine the best energy and ancillary service bidding strategies in day ahead and real-time markets?
  • How do you optimally evaluate after-the-fact performance and the bid cost recovery implications of batteries (illustrated in the webinar using a CAISO example)?

BESS Opportunities

  • What are the multiple value streams offered by BESS?
  • How can sophisticated market participation and scheduling software ensure successful modeling and operation of battery energy storage systems?
  • How do you keep track of and ongoingly assess complex, changing market rules and physical constraints in order to optimize BESS value streams?

Various perspectives on the topics above will be covered by: 

  • Joe Pasquito – Manager, Market Analytics (San Diego Gas & Electric)
  • Paul Davis – Director, Product Management (PCI)